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Orthopedic Surgeon In Burbank

LA Ortho and Wellness provides compassionate and expert orthopedic care while fostering a long-term patient-doctor relationship. Led by Dr. Gelber, a highly trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in sports medicine, our practice is committed to helping individuals of all backgrounds and activity levels regain mobility and lead active lives. Contact Dr. Gelber to feel and move like yourself again.

Dr. Jonathan Gelber, MD, MS

Educational Background

Dr. Jonathan Gelber brings a wealth of experience and expertise to LA Ortho and Wellness. He has a dual undergraduate degree with Honors in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Miami, a medical degree from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Columbia University. Furthermore, Dr. Gelber completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Harbor-UCLA and additional training in sports medicine at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

A Lifelong Passion For Sports

Dr. Gelber is a lifelong athlete and a father of four children, so he understands what it means to be an athlete. This connection to sports drives his commitment to helping patients return to an active lifestyle. Instead of offering quick relief, he promotes whole-body wellness to help you get back on your feet safely. Whether you’re a professional athlete or recovering from an injury, Dr. Gelber’s goal is the same: to provide the highest quality care and get you back in the game.

Our Mission: Helping You Reclaim an Active Life

At LA Ortho and Wellness, our mission is clear: to partner with you on your journey to a pain-free, active life. We understand that injuries and orthopedic issues can be frustrating, whether you’re an elite athlete or simply someone who wants to enjoy life without discomfort. Dr. Gelber and our dedicated team are here to support you every step of the way.

Our approach is patient-centric, driven by compassion, and rooted in the values of integrity, expertise, and innovation. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care, always exploring cutting-edge techniques and therapies that can optimize your healing process. We provide bespoke treatments to help you recover quickly and safely.

Our Values: Compassion & Collaboration

Compassion drives us to listen to your concerns, understand your unique needs, and provide you with the care and attention you deserve. We believe in taking a collaborative approach to overall wellness, working closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and preferences, helping you regain optimal mobility on your terms.

Furthermore, we don’t just focus on treating the immediate problem; we also care about your overall well-being. Dr. Gelber has a strong interest in functional and integrative medicine, emphasizing whole-body wellness. We believe in treating the root causes of orthopedic issues, not just the symptoms, ensuring long-lasting and sustainable results.

Consult Dr. Gelber Today

LA Ortho and Wellness is not part of a large group or hospital system. We’re a local practice, and our priority is giving you the attention and care you deserve. Led by Dr. Jonathan Gelber, we take the time to understand your condition and your goals and curate personalized strategies to work together to help you reclaim optimal mobility. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Gelber to initiate your journey toward an active and pain-free life in Burbank.

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