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Shoulder Pain
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Shoulder pain is characterized by aching, stiffness, or sharp sensations in the shoulders. Consult Dr. Gelber to identify and treat the root cause of shoulder pain in Burbank and reclaim an active lifestyle. You may suffer from shoulder pain for several reasons, such as shoulder dislocation, tendinitis, arthritis, shoulder impingement syndrome, and more.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Rotator cuff tendinitis occurs when the tendons in the rotator cuff become inflamed due to overuse, injury, or degeneration. These tendons, crucial for shoulder movement and stability, can become irritated, leading to pain, weakness, and restricted range of motion. Rotator cuff tendinitis often manifests as a dull ache in the shoulder, worsened by arm movements.

A man getting treatment for shoulder pain in Burbank.

Common Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis:

  • Persistent, dull ache in the shoulder
  • Pain that may radiate down the arm, affecting the upper arm or even the neck
  • Weakness in the affected shoulder, making it challenging to lift or carry objects
  • Limited range of motion in the shoulder joint, with difficulty reaching overhead
  • Pain exacerbated by specific arm movements, such as reaching or lifting
  • Discomfort that intensifies at night, particularly when lying on the affected side

Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder arthritis is a degenerative joint condition that affects the shoulder’s smooth cartilage lining. This is a common cause of shoulder pain in Burbank. It can result from wear and tear over time (osteoarthritis), inflammatory conditions (rheumatoid arthritis), or post-traumatic injuries. Symptoms include joint stiffness, reduced range of motion, and persistent shoulder pain, which can hinder daily activities.

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Arthritis:

  • Persistent, aching shoulder pain, typically deep within the joint
  • Reduced range of motion, making it difficult to lift the arm or perform overhead activities
  • Stiffness and discomfort in the shoulder, particularly in the morning or after periods of rest
  • Grating or grinding sensation (crepitus) when moving the shoulder
  • Weakness in the affected shoulder due to pain and limited mobility
  • Difficulty sleeping on the affected side due to nighttime discomfort

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff become compressed as they pass through the narrow space beneath the acromion (a bony process of the shoulder blade), especially due to repetitive overhead motions, anatomical factors, or muscle imbalances. This can lead to inflammation, limited range of motion, and shoulder pain in Burbank.

A lady getting treatment for shoulder pain in Burbank.

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome:

  • Gradual onset of shoulder pain, often felt on the front or side of the shoulder
  • Pain worsens when lifting or reaching overhead
  • Weakness in the affected shoulder, particularly when attempting to lift or carry objects
  • Limited range of motion, especially when raising the arm or rotating it outward
  • Pain may radiate down the arm, causing discomfort in the upper arm or neck
  • Nighttime pain or discomfort, particularly when lying on the affected side
A man stretching easily after resolving shoulder pain in Burbank.

Treatment Options
for Shoulder Pain

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, please consult Dr. Gelber to explore treatment options tailored to your condition. Dr. Gelber will evaluate your symptoms and range of motion and administer imaging tests to identify the root cause of shoulder pain. Depending on your condition, treatment may include regenerative medicine procedures like PRP and stem cell injections, cortisone injections for short-term relief, and integrative medicine approaches, such as physical therapy. Arthroscopic surgery is only considered as a last resort if conservative methods prove ineffective. We offer a variety of treatments for shoulder pain in Burbank, and our doctor will help you determine which is best for your situation.

Other Possible Causes of Shoulder Pain:

  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Shoulder tendinitis
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Shoulder fractures or dislocations
  • Nerve compression (brachial plexus injury)
  • Referred pain from the neck or spine

Shoulder Pain FAQs

Can shoulder pain be treated without surgery?

Yes, shoulder pain can often be treated without surgery. Non-surgical treatments include physical therapy, medications, injections, and lifestyle modifications. These methods aim to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and strengthen the shoulder muscles.

Is shoulder pain more common in athletes?

Yes, shoulder pain is more common in athletes due to repetitive movements and strain on the shoulder joint. Sports like baseball, tennis, and swimming, which require frequent overhead motions, can increase the risk of shoulder injuries, leading to pain and discomfort.

How is shoulder pain diagnosed?

Shoulder pain is diagnosed through physical examination, patient history, and imaging tests like X-rays, MRI, or ultrasound. These diagnostic tools help identify the cause of the pain, whether it’s inflammation, injury, or degenerative conditions, and guide the appropriate treatment plan.

What lifestyle factors can contribute to shoulder pain?

Several lifestyle factors can contribute to shoulder pain, including poor posture, lack of exercise, repetitive overhead activities, and carrying heavy bags. Additionally, sedentary lifestyles and occupations that involve prolonged sitting can also lead to muscle imbalances and shoulder discomfort.

Consult Dr. Gelber Today

Dr. Jonathan Gelber is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon committed to offering personalized solutions for shoulder pain management. As a lifelong athlete, he understands the importance of a pain-free, active lifestyle. If you’re suffering from shoulder discomfort, don’t delay—consult Dr. Gelber today. With his expertise and commitment to personalized care, you can regain mobility and live your best, pain-free life.

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